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Copyright © 1997, Sivasailam Thiagarajan. All rights reserved.

A textra game maximizes the learning from handouts and job aids. This type of game reinforces a reading assignment with peer pressure and peer support. QUESTION CARDS is a textra game that ensures that the participants read a handout for details and recall these details later.

Distribute the handout and ask each participant to read it -- and prepare 10 question cards based on its content. Each card should have a closed question on one side and the single correct answer on the other.

After a suitable pause for studying the handout and preparing the question cards, organize the participants into groups of four to seven. Ask each group to mix up the question cards from its members and exchange the whole pile with another group.

After the exchange, ask the group to place the cards in the middle of the table, question side up. The first player reads the question on the top card, without removing it from the pile. Within 10 seconds, this player gives an answer. Any player may challenge by giving a different answer.

If there is no challenge, the first player wins the card.

If there is a challenge, the card is turned over to reveal the correct answer. Whoever gave the correct answer (the original player or the challenger) wins the card. If neither answer is correct, the card is buried in the middle of the pile for recycling.

It is now the turn of the next player to read the question on the next card and continue the game as before. The card pile may contain duplicate questions or questions that are similar to previous ones. This introduces an interesting element of chance to the game.

The game comes to an end when the group runs out of the question cards. (Alternatively, you can stop the game at the end of a prespecified period of time.) The player with the most cards wins the game.

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