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Interactive Posters

I learned from Libyan Cassone the importance of adorning the walls of the classroom with posters. This is a well-known accelerative-learning strategy.

The passivity of the posters used to bother me slightly. I now mix some interactive posters along with the others that affirm and challenge and reassure the learners.

These interactive posters are enlargement of instructional puzzles. They include TRIPLETS, CROSSWORD PUZZLES, CRYPTOGRAMS, CHUNKS, and a variety of other formats. All poster puzzles deal with content that is related to the topic of the workshop.

I get my posters enlarged at the local Kinko's. I tie a string with a pen to each poster. I fill in a few items in each poster to encourage the others.

During coffee breaks, there are more participants clustered around these puzzle posters than around the coffee pot.

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