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KNOTS: A Politically-Correct Version

You have probably used the energizer KNOTS: Each participant holds one hand each of two other participant. When everyone has done so, a human knot is formed. The object of the exercise is to untangle the knot, without letting go of the hands that you are holding.

Some people are worried about potential complaints of sexual harassment in conducting KNOTS. Bill Matthews recently introduced me to an elegant variation. Instead of holding hands, people hold the ends of short ropes! Cut jump ropes in half and use a piece of rope of each participant. Slightly twist the collection of ropes and hold them in the middle. Ask each participant to grab hold of an end of a rope in each hand. Let go of the rope. Ask the participants to untangle themselves by stepping under and over different pieces of ropes without letting go of the ends.

Guarantee: Nobody ever nods off during this activity.

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