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Instant Game Cards

Some time ago, my friend Anne Harman asked me if there is a way to rapidly produce game cards.

Many games use cards with questions, information, or instructions. It takes a lot of time and money to commercially print these cards. During the initial testing of a game, you don't want to invest this much money. On the other hand, handwritten cards look shabby and typewritten cards take a long time to produce.

Our solution is to use a word processor to typeset the cards and print them on sheets of laser business cards. We use Avery Laser Business Cards (#5371), and most word processors (like WordPerfect or Microsoft Word for Windows) have ready-made templates to rapidly align your cards and to print them. After you have printed the sheets you can tear them apart along the micro-perfed lines. Each sheet yields 10 standard size (2" x 31/2") cards. Each box produces 250 cards.

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