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More on Templates

You can use templates for speeding up the instructional design process for different types of learning. In Use Templates to Speed up Your Instructional Design, we discussed this approach.

In additional to these content-based templates, you can use activities-based templates. Here are some examples:

Framegames are training-game templates that are deliberately designed to permit easy removal of old content and insertion of new content. For a collection of this type of templates, check out Framegames by Thiagi.

Interactive lectures are a special type of framegames that combine the efficiency of lectures with the motivation of games. For example, SHOUTING MATCH is an interactive 'lecture' that helps explore any controversial content (such as gun control, affirmative action, behavioral objectives, executive salaries, and capital punishment). There are 16 different interactive lectures (also known as lecture games) suitable for training that involves information, concepts, principles, procedures, and affects.

Textra games are framegames designed to reinforce reading assignments with peer support and pressure. EACH TEACH and LEARNING TEAM are examples of this type of templates.

Instructional puzzles are individual activities (although they can be used in partnership and teamwork modes) for introducing, reinforcing, and reviewing instructional content. The two booklets, Instructional Puzzles and More Instructional Puzzles contain different types of puzzles.

I'm sorry that this tip is beginning to sound like a commercial for my books. However, I have not come across other collections of activity-based instructional templates. If you know of any, please let me know. I will disseminate the information immediately.

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