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How To Produce a Videotape in a Single Day

The topic was cultural diversity. The team consisted of an SME (who also acted as the TV talent and the facilitator), a project manager, a television producer, director, three camera operators, and (most importantly) 12 typical participants.

On the night before the shooting day, we all had a spaghetti dinner at a local Italian restaurant. This gave everyone an opportunity to meet, and to become familiar with the plans for videotaping.

On the production day, we met at the TV studio. The facilitator informally presented the topic to the 12 participants. He used a variety of interactive lecture formats and a gameshow approach. This highly-interactive activity was captured by all three cameras. The session also involved a few short experiential activities.

We all had a nice lunch while the TV crew cleaned up the videotape recording. This tape was sent to an outside post-production facility for final editing.

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