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Short Stories

In 1986, encouraged and inspired by my friend Fran Kemmerer, I wrote a collection of short stories entitled "When I Was Raja's Age ..."

I originally intended these stories to be a birthday gift to my son Raja. All the stories in the collection begin with an incident during Raja's childhood days growing up in the U. S. and flash back to my childhood days growing up in Madras, India.

I shared the collection with a few friends and was pleasantly surprised by their positive reaction. Many of the readers pointed out how the stories presented universal values of the human family amidst shallow differences among cultures. Although my original intent was to have fun and to remind my family where I came from, I began using the collection in my presentations on cross-cultural communication at the annual conferences of such organizations as SIETAR, ASTD, ISPI, and NASAGA. I have also used the stories to illustrate their instructional relevance.

We plan to publish these stories in our web site, at whatever rate Raja is able to convert the old documents into web pages.

I hope this is a little more exciting than forcing you to sit through my home movies.

When I Was Raja's Age

To Follow a Dusty Elephant

Hide and Seek

A Death in My Family

A Tamil Christmas

The Pencil